Tonja Renée Stidhum

Writer and Director in Los Angeles, California

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Who I Write: Me and you, your mama and your cousin, too.

What I Write: Features, Shorts

When I Write: Only the days that end in 'y.' Can't go overboard or anything.

Where I Write: Here. There, too.

Why I Write: Because when I figured out that this wild imagination could be (somewhat) tamed via keyboard, I had to pounce on the opportunity.

How I Write: Freely.

- Very Smart Brothas Contributor Portfolio

- Hollywood's Black Renaissance Writer/Contributor Portfolio

- The Extraordinary Negroes Contributor Portfolio

- "My Battle With Depression And Suicidal Thoughts" on EBONY

- "No, Viola Davis is Not the 'Black Meryl Streep'" on EBONY

- "I Lust For Adventure: Barcelona and Marrakesh" at Passport Required

"Worth A Thousand" - Short Film:

"Run You" - Short Film:

Email: tonjareneestidhum [at] gmail [dot] com