Tony Gravagno

Small Business Owner, Software Engineer, and Consultant in Mission Viejo, California

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I’m a small business owner living in Mission Viejo, California. Specialties include the Pick MultiValue Database Management System, communications development with many languages and protocols, and strategic business consulting for IT.

I'm passionate about making technology work to solve problems, and Quality Assurance. I'm a frequent contributor in many public forums and FOSS projects. I'm a prolific writer of technical documentation, blogs, articles, business proposals, and anything that involves detail and thought ... cuz the world aint simple. I also develop and run several WordPress sites and email servers on my own cloud systems - for fun and convenience, maybe later for profit

Outsite of that I enjoy gardening. have a lifelong passion for languages, and astronomy and other sciences.

I welcome you to contact me at the anonymized email address below, which will occasionally get deleted and replaced.

[email protected]