Tony Burke

Director, Project Manager, and Leader in Sydney, Australia

Tony Burke

Director, Project Manager, and Leader in Sydney, Australia

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Current position: Project Director for Orchard Marketing

In a rapidly changing space of buzzwords, bleeding-edge tech and BS, I keep things clear and simple, for my team; my clients and myself.

I am:

A Project Director for one of the leading digital agencies in Sydney

A good project manager, with over 15 years’ experience

Experienced in Ecommerce from both delivering end-to-end solutions for a range of clients, as well as running 2 global Ecommerce stores for Everton FC and Canon Oceania

Passionate about the online space and delivering great experiences for clients and the general public

A leader of a great team of people

A good boss (or at least my team says so!)

PRINCE2 & DSDM Agile Foundation & Practitioner Certified

Honest, trustworthy and reliable

A good communicator

Self-aware – I know my strengths and weaknesses

A team player

A lover of a good work-life balance

Happy to admit and understand my mistakes so I can learn from them

Always listening

A doting dad of 2 amazing little people

My passions:

My family and friends

Exploring the country I live in as much as possible

Martial arts, particularly Balintawak Escrima (Philippino Stick Fighting)

The great outdoors – hiking, camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, gill scrambling etc.

Reading and learning

  • Work
    • Orchard Marketing
  • Education
    • BSc Honors Computer for Business