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We are Manti Games - the brand new and brilliantly fun games website with all the top games you could ever want. If you are looking to play some of the best online games for free, then look no further, Manti Games is now your new port of call.

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The range of free online games on offer here at Manti Games is astounding. From the hugely bloody Shooting games, to mind-bending Puzzles, to the most exhilarating Action games - we have everything. Come check out the huge array of different categories and subcategories ready for any gamer. Visit Manti Games to play the best of the best.

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At Manti Games, we specialise in the top free browser games for your PC. So, if you like playing with your arrow keys and your gamer mouse then we are the place for you. But, do not fret if that is not your thing! Most of the games on offer at Manti can be played on mobile devices as well. We cater to as many gamers as possible, and that definitely includes those who play solely on their smartphones. So, if that is you, then get yourself to Manti to check out the best browser games!

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New free games are continuously added on Manti Games every day. Our overall number of games is constantly increasing as we upload existing top games and our own developments. We are not just taking what is already online and putting it together - we are actually creating our own original content with the help of some of the deftest gaming developers in the industry.

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One of the greatest things about us is the website’s features. If a game has become really popular overnight, then this trending section is where you will find it. Another great feature is the amount of subcategories available. Some of the most niche sections of the gaming world are represented here. If you are looking for anything from match 3 games and defense strategy, to mermaid dress ups and art simulations - we have it all.

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