Robert Dodson

Information Technology Chief Architect CIO CTO in Chicago, Illinois

Robert Dodson

Information Technology Chief Architect CIO CTO in Chicago, Illinois

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Robert topbop!™ Dodson

Bassist @"peAce arkestra"@

Have No Fear!

The First Days are Here!

A dawning approaches ... one unlike any ever witnessed within all of time, or without for that matter.

I know many of you have waited and waited ...relying on the ancient magical mystery that had stood gleaming in your ancestral memories ... set to trigger when that distinct vibrational energy known as "truth" emerged from the swamp of lies all else had decayed into ... that, as was so sincerely promised long ago, 🌞

topbop! had risen to stand and deliver the truth!

Out on the early 1960's Chicago jazz-jam-rock scene as a guitarist, Robert was at the feet of groups like the Pharaohs, and hanging around the AACM. He spent countless evenings at the Checkerboard Lounge when it was on east 43rd street. He played with acts such as Empty Hand, the Omega project and Absolute Zero and has toured as guitarist with soul legend Otis Clay. He played as guitar sideman with Sherrie Scott, Thunder Road, bass with the Sexy Blues Band of Chicago and others... Robert was a founding member in Sine... the Band on bass and guitar along with songwriting with the team. With Sine he toured Australia with the Arlington Heights Illinois based Metropolis Youth Symphony Orchestra performing selected band originals in a symphonic arrangement. Other assorted bass chair gigs included classic rockers Blue Rage.
Current projects include collaborative composition and studio work on guitar, bass and other instruments.

Robert's current performance unit is the trio topbop! kocodado gwadafro.
topbop! kocodado gwadafro is the late great Calvin Brunson (Chicago) - vocals/drum programming/keyboards/pianos/music pedagogy; Robert Dodson (Chicago) - bass/guitar/drum programming/vocals/erhu/imagination voyager; Frantz Flereau (Paris) - ekon/clave/congas/djembe/Haitian drum/talking drum/tambells/water drum/planetary sphere music.

"Showdown at Redrings" tour and live album release dates to come ... watch this space!!!
About "Zenzele”...

The song "Zenzele" was written and arranged by Calvin Brunson, who in addition to the soukous keyboard rhythms also contributed an improvised but “in character” vocal that transforms the piece into a powerful roots authentic but current and contemporary message. Frantz Flereau's percussion is spot on authentic soukous.

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