Top Games Inc

Game Development in Apia, Samoa

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Top Games Inc. is a video game developer that caters to gamers all over the world. Spanning web and mobile, the company has built a strong presence in more than 150 countries. The staff is known not just for their technical achievements, but also for their true passion for bringing fun, inventive content to anyone who wants to play.

We are makers of games that thrill and excite. The founders of Top Games wanted to provide their audience with an escape they wouldn’t soon forget. Evony-The King’s Return has 7 million downloads all over the world, and it’s been translated into multiple languages. Grossing more than $100 million in revenue, Top Games Inc. has managed to tap into the evolving demands of gamers. Throughout the years, the commitment to customers hasn’t changed. The company delivers upgraded features and products to a worldwide audience with every new release.

Top Games Inc. prioritizes research and development, an absolute must in the fast-paced world of tech. The organization has a strategic development plan, which is how they came to collaborate with R&D teams who could give them additional insight into what gamers are really looking for. This attention to detail leads to games that connect with their demographic. In addition to its break-out hit Evony, the company is in the midst of creating more games that players are already very anxious to try.

Top Games Inc. gives people a chance to indulge their inner strategist in an exhilarating and life-like setting. The alliances, the fights, the fantasy: every product offers hours of entertainment and a much-needed break from daily stress. In addition, the company is highlighting and celebrating our world history. Showcasing remarkable figures like Empress Wu and King Arthur in its games gives the audience the chance to go back in time and relive the showdowns and battles that shaped the world stage. CEO Lu Lu was particularly proud to pay tribute to powerful women in history, as Wu was the only woman to rule in China for more than 3,000 years.