Mens Cologne


We are here to share some of the best men’s cologne reviews of 2015. No matter your age or personality at you will find the best cologne for you. When choosing cologne you want to pick something that’s going to fit your personality. Whether you are for a sexy, fresh, masculine or whatever type of cologne you are looking for, we are here to help you and guide you the perfect cologne.

Depending on what you plan on using the cologne for is important. For an example, if you are looking for the best smelling cologne for a professional environment such as work, I would recommend have a clean and fresh light smelling cologne. Wear a strong, sexy or masculine smelling cologne at a professional work place is not something you should be doing. Save those strong sexy smelling cologne for dates with the ladies not the work place. You want to have a professional smell to you not something that seems like you are trying to pick up the ladies. A good cologne for men I would suggest for work would be something like Nautica. It’s a great all-around cologne and can be worn for all occasions.

Tips on how to apply cologne

Each and every cologne has a different level of strength. The last thing you want when going on a date is to overload yourself in a cologne that is going to leave nothing but a bad taste in your date’s mouth. Depending on how strong the cologne is you are going to apply I would recommend 2 or maybe 3 sprays.Spray the cologne on your wrist the and dapping around the neck area behind the ears is a very good place for cologne.

Buying online vs Stores

Most of the times when you buy anything you always find it cheaper online if you don’t mind waiting for a few days. Using Amazon is the best way to purchase cologne online with little to no risk. Shopping online and not trusted sites for men’s cologne, you need to be careful for the fakes. People try to sell fake cologne from overseas just like clothes, shoes, and any other fashion accessories. So if you plan on buying cologne online use a trusted websites like Amazon so you know what you are getting is authentic.

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