Luis Toro Dupouy

Teacher, Director, and Consultant in Madrid, Spain

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Professor & Head of Academic Programs

Higher Education Manager with national & international experience in educational projects. Expert in knowledge management, dedicated to strategic planning and developing traditional and e-learning programs. Expert in business simulations.

· PhD in Economics and Business Sciences, Universidad de Granada (Granada, Spain)

· Master of Business Administration, University of Saint Thomas (Houston, TX. USA)

· Master in Marketing Management, ESIC Business & Marketing School (Madrid, Spain)

· BSc. in Psychology, Universidad Central de Venezuela (Caracas, Venezuela)

Articles published in Harvard Deusto Business Review (

Essential Teaching Goals:

1. Develop ability to apply principles and generalizations already learned to new problems and situations

2. Develop analytic skills

3. Develop problem-solving skills

4. Develop ability to draw reasonable inferences from observations

5. Develop ability to think holistically: to see the whole as well as the parts

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