Tory Schalkle

Consultant, Designer, and Project Manager in Wayzata, Minnesota

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Tory J.R. Schalkle is an accomplished Senior Vice President of Enterprise Strategy who has a vast amount of experience advising CEOs and senior executives on enterprise-wide strategy projects. His expertise also includes launching internal analytics ventures, running a team of 10 individuals, and growing a $300 million business by 13% annually. Tory's professional accomplishments are impressive and speak to his dedication and commitment to delivering excellence in his work.

Schalkle's career path has included working for a U.S. Senator and think tank before transitioning into management and corporate strategy. He remains deeply passionate about his community and serves on Wayzata City Council's Park & Trail Board. Additionally, he works with organizations to increase Minnesota's talent retention and supports non-profit organizations that serve economically disadvantaged families.

Tory Schalkle has been involved in some noteworthy charitable endeavors, including helping to form the first non-profit organization to be awarded by President Obama as one of ten "Champions of Change." He has also organized fundraisers for families in need, which have received coverage in major Minnesota newspapers and TV news outlets.

Beyond his professional and philanthropic pursuits, Tory is happily married to his wife, who shares his love of nerdy pursuits. Their first dates included a PowerPoint presentation, attending an NPR show, and participating in a state crossword tournament. The couple also shares a passion for travel, having visited over 30 countries and lived in Hong Kong and Norway.

In summary, Tory J.R. Schalkle is a highly driven and accomplished individual with a successful track record in enterprise strategy and management. His commitment to his community through his philanthropic endeavors and involvement with local organizations further underscores his dedication to making a positive impact in the world.