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For travellers planning to visit Guatemala, an H.I.T. Pass is required for any individual traveling to the country for medical treatment. An H.I.T. Pass additionally eases travel for family members who can't manage to receive their own health insurance or for senior citizens that will no longer avail of regular health insurance in the USA.

Guatemala has a very low cost of health care compared to most nations. The government offers an extensive health coverage for its citizens. If you have an annual deductible, it may be paid upfront through monthly premiums. The policy offers free consultation and diagnostic tests for patients. Additionally, it covers the cost of medications, consultations, and related procedures.

To get a Guatemala Health Pass, an individual must undergo a comprehensive interview procedure that verifies his or her income, medical history, and current health conditions. After obtaining the pass, holders may immediately start treatment at hospitals of their choice without awaiting authorization or payment. Some sections require an yearly re-certification, but most let a once-off, non health-related pass.

Even though most of the services are supplied free of charge, travelers are required to purchase medical inclusions, like prescriptions and emergency care, from pharmacies that are recognized by the Central American Health Information Management Organization (ACHIM). Along with buying drugs and medicines, travelers are also required to purchase other emergency supplies, like blankets, beddings, and water purification systems. Along with purchasing health products, you'll also need to take an international medical insurance card that will provide coverage for hospitalization and surgical operations. Prior to traveling, you should also enquire about local currency conversions. Most hotels will need this when offering accommodation, so be sure to ask about it before going ahead with your own trip.

A Guatemala Health Pass is valid for stays ranging from 30 days to 3 years. Buying the pass does not grant unrestricted access into the nation. You may be asked to acquire additional medical coverage while you're staying in Guatemala. You'll also have to present your passport or health insurance card upon arrival at the airport. Guatemala's Passport to leave the country also requires proof that you are eligible for evacuation.