Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.


It was the mid-90s and we were playing our games. We had the visual aids – the maps, the props. We had the soundtrack to the GM’s favorite horror movie playing in the background, when it suddenly hit us: hey, we’re sound designers, we oughta be able to make this game more cinematic with some sound effects. So, after all the characters were dead or insane, we headed down to the studio to see what we could come up with.

In 1996 our groundbreaking line of sound effects CDs introduced game masters across all role-playing genres to the possibilities of adding ambience to their games with sound and music.

Today those high-quality sound effects are still available on compact disc, but technology has advanced and so have we. Now the Game Masters sound effects collection is available as downloadable mp3 files or packaged in an app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

NEW FOR 2014: We've just released our first board game, the print-and-play sci-fi adventure "Specimen!" Go to for details.