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The diverse world of Toy Culture is filled with a kaleidoscope of characters and colors, in a spectrum of styles and sizes. TOYSREVIL takes you on a daily blog-journey through the vibrant global toy scene, and all things Pop and Sub culture. From Designer Art Collectibles, to Custom Platform Toys. From Plush to Papercraft. From gallery walls, to the bustling urban streets. From the artist studio, to your display shelf. From the mundane, to the quirky, and everything in between! TOYSREVIL features exclusives, interviews, videos and covers events that makes life a little bit more interesting than it already is.

From being an "avid" toy-collector, to a blogger of desirable (and even sometimes undesirable) objects of toy art, and undeniable pop culture happenings and media onsalught, Andy Heng is the sole author and Editor-in-Chief of himself at TOYSREVIL.

Yes, he still collects toys, but most times he thinks "they" collect "him" instead.

The TOYSREVIL-blog was Voted by the reading public for 'BEST BLOG' in the Designer Toy Awards 2011.

The TOYSREVIL-blog has just turned 11 years old, as of Feb 19, 2016 @ 05:36AM (Re: ).