Tracy Rekart

Consultant, Teacher, and Writer in Seattle, Washington

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Co-owner at McCarthy Consulting, a global Leadership and Organizational Development organization, Tracy Rekart is a visionary explorer of soul-sourced leadership foundational to generative organizational and community cultures.

She brings a rare and unusual perspective and skill to executive coaching and corporate consulting that is un-apologetically uncomfortable.

Because any transformation is by definition disruptive.

As a coach, utilizing both ancient and modern techniques, she encourages you to embody your full potential.

As a consultant, she draws your attention to the purpose that underlies your actions and helps you align people, objectives and practices to that deeper truth.

In both tracks, she creates a safe container to risk what is necessary for innovative growth and push the limits of human consciousness.

Deeply aware of our global paradox, Tracy helps you balance your actions toward a satisfying future while being accountable to what gives us life: the planetary eco-system.

For over a decade, she has worked with visionary leaders who know, to be of service, they cannot go it alone.

Tracy has a BA in Art History and Women Studies, an MS in Applied Behavioral Science, is a Master Somatic Coach, is deeply steeped in Eastern modalities, climbs rocks and mountains, and has been meditating and practicing yoga for over 25 years.

She lives between the world of the village and the wild, listening for the next frontier.

Contact Tracy at[email protected].

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  • Work
    • McCarthy Consulting
  • Education
    • Strozzi Institute, Master Somatic Coach
    • LIOS: The Leadership Institute of Seattle, MA - ABS
    • University of Massachusetts, BA - Art History