Trade With Kavan

Trade with Kavan is a live stocktrading platform that gives investors a chat room with live screen sharing,audio alerts, and real-time trading feedback. Founded by Kavan Klein, who has over 12 years of experience trading stocks, Trade with Kavan was created as away to share proven trading methods with others. The program is intended for everyone– those who are new to trading and experienced investors alike.

In developing his trading strategy years ago, Kavan did some intense research and studied charts and prices to determine the exact methods that would provide the greatest profits with the least amount of risk. Kavan quickly made $50,000, and once he perfected his system, he decided to share it with others.

Trade with Kavan’s trading strategy is fairly simple – the forum focuses on trading large cap stocks with average daily volumes of over $10 million. Using this strategy, Trade with Kavan members can have an easier time replicating success.

Inside Trade with Kavan’s trading room, members are taught to limit losses on losing positions, as well as when to take profit for optimal gains. During live interactions, Kavan explains exactly what he is doing and why, so that Trade with Kavan members can replicate his trades. As Kavan walks members through each trade and the reason for having made it, members are able to see every trade live, including each entry and exit point. What’s more, members are able to see both profits and losses happening throughout the day. Additionally, each day Kavan holds a meeting in the morning where he outlines what trades are planned for that day and why. Questions are always encouraged, which makes the sessions an excellent resource for learning.

Membership with Trade with Kavan has a $299 per quarter fee, and members can cancel any time (though no refunds are available).