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Another basic element is trafficThe harder the level the more traffic, and the closer you get to the end of the level, the more traffic. Traffic comprises of different autos that could be moving in the same course as you or the other way (2-way traffic), it truly just relies on upon the level. Something else to consider are the obstructions, on each rode you ride you won't be sans given rein to simply go 4x4 romping and keep away from traffic, there will dependably be boundaries on every side of the street compelling you to remain focused asphalt.

Next is vast driving mode, in this mode you simply continue driving until your bicycle is destroyed. Boundless driving mode differs between restricted, two ways, and different modes. To open the different levels in unending driving you need to first achieve a specific level in vocation mode, then you should open the boundless missions one by one. Free driving is only that; you get to coolly drive your racer with no stress of clocks or anything like that. Be that as it may, you should pay to get to this mode.

Before you begin anything it's great to acclimate yourself with the controls and to get settled with the gameplay structure. First off you have 3 unique approaches to control your character, you can utilize the inherent whirligig in your iOS gadget to guide your racer by tilting left and right. You can likewise control the handlebar by sliding all over on the left half of screen, left being down and up makes you go right. The last alternative is to use on screen catches, left directing bolt for left and right guiding bolt for right.