Rivero 'CJ' Tracraze

EFL Instructor in Saudi Arabia

Rivero 'CJ' Tracraze

EFL Instructor in Saudi Arabia

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A former Educational Ambassador in East Asia, and English Teaching Fellow in Latin America, Rivero J. Tracraze has experienced 5 continents, multiple countries, and over a dozen major world cities.

Originally from New York City, Mr. Tracraze - commonly called 'CJ' amongst acquaintances & associates - is driven by his desire to "experience[.]" and develop wisdom in a variety of ways, including: living on & discovering more about the 7 continents, partaking in global cultural delights, developing Trancraze...., figuring out who took the cookies from the cookie jar, and what did, in fact, happen to Tony Soprano on the possibly ill-fated 'Sopranos' finale?

Rivero's interests range from geopolitics to daily money management. He's also interested in equity crowdfunding, minding his own business yet staying informed, and progressive thought.

Currently working with a defense contractor in the Middle East, Tre remains interested in local, national, and international affairs.


Trancraze = a tranquil craze = a peaceful insanity

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  • Work
    • EFL Instructor
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Science, Economics
    • Winston-Salem State University