Elena GRish

multidisciplinary artist, Architect, and Dancer in Madrid, España

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Worked at an independant multidisciplinary artist (2013/2016)

Study a Master at SUR Escuela de Profesiones Artísticas. Madid (2014/2016)

Worked as an architect technitian at Comunica+A communication and marketing multinational company. At its construction department, encharged of developing Orange mobile company's stores architecture proyects all over Spain. Madrid.(2011/2012)

Worked as a independent 3D Studio Graphics Designer (2008/2010)

Worked as an architect at Studio de Arquitectura Cordobés S.L. (2007/2008)

Studied Superior Arquitecture at E.T.S.A, Seville (2003/2008)

Worked as a dancer at wildfire DanceTheatre.Canada, México and English Guyana (2004)

  • Education
    • Arquitecture Seville, Spain