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To catch/collect much more Mortys when in battle against free Mortys from the wild, weaken them out initially and then use the Chip. If your party is complete, the new Morty will be instantly saved in the Day Care in the Citadel. The even more badges you have, the even more items you can acquire in the shop. The initial badge you win will certainly unlock the Morty Manipulator Chip which allows you to gather more Morty's as you fight them after traveling with the website.
Make use of the big site in the facility of the Citadel to check out a new world. There will additionally be several Morty fitness instructors to fight, and a secret item cache in arbitrary locations. As a result of the arbitrary format of a world, it is feasible to reach Rick without coming across any various other trainers by continuing to be stealth. To go back to the Citadel either shed a fight to take a trip back with Birdperson, or defeat that globe's Rick as well as a return portal will certainly appear. The even more badges you earn, the a lot more points you can purchase from Salesperson Rick.