Chris T. Foley


I have worked all over the country in both Live and Tape. Been part of award winning short films, had my footage broadcasted on television, and have had the opportunity to film from helicopters (so much fun). The state of California and California Highway Patrol have recognized me for my award winning craftsmanship as a Director/Producer of the 2004 DCTV production Every 15 Minutes. It's a journey that will never end and I look forward to lengthening this list with bigger and better things. These days I enjoy building with people, building new business, new ideas and new ventures. I have gained a new passion for using the internet to sell services and create new online businesses. Running online stores is what I do currently and also run

Some fun facts:

I entered and competed in Red Bull's Soapbox Race 2008 where my team (Rubik'sProjects) won the coveted People's Choice Award. I have been volunteering at the San Francisco Exploratorium for three years and I'm currently their lighting designer for the After Dark Events. Currently working with Butchershop Creative and As an outgoing, friendly, professional individual I'm optimistic, energetic and passionate about everything I take part in.

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