Dan MacDonald

Earth, most likely on land

Go ahead-- laugh. They all do. But when the molemen overlords take over the surface world, you won't be laughing any more... And I will find myself in their good graces!

In addition to my "Headline" self-descriptors found above, I am also a husband, a father, an amazing son, a loving big brother, and a very loyal friend. My memory is mostly eidetic and I have what is called hyperthymesia which only enhances my recollection. This particular attribute is annoying to those who like to challenge me at Trivial Pursuit.

As a polymathic Mathematician and Computer Scientist-turned-expert corporate instructor, I used to oversee the dissemination of information relating to - and consult on - technology and the best practices for its deployment to the Education sectors. I walked away from that to be a "stay-at-home Dad" for nearly a year. My story there is I guess I just got tired of fishing for them and decided it was time to teach them to fish for themselves. Just recently I decided to the daily grind as an analyst working my way through scores of big data collections and troubleshooting systems that are supposed to be smarter than me.

Outside of corporate life I can be found hanging with family and friends as well as digesting media, writing, gaming, and collecting memories along the way.

I generally operate on the principle that nothing terrifies me; because nothing is beyond my ability to change. I also believe that no matter how good you are, there's always someone better... that someone is me. That's right, go ahead-- laugh. They all do.

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