Muhammad M. Mansour


I'm a down to earth guy with no baggage, a willingness to take the bus to reduce my carbon footprint, a good job, a couple of plants and a not so serious side.

I was born and raised in Kuwait to Egyptian expats. In 2002 I moved to Egypt to have my B.A. in English Language and Literature Studies, I hold a degree in Human Resources Management and planning for an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

I'd like to consider myself a free spirit, connector, motivator and consider determination and dedication as the primary keys to success.
I've had a broad base of experience to draw on ranging from volunteerism, public awareness to working as an outreach officer at the United Nations and believe that such exposure was vital when I pursued my true passion, entrepreneurship.
I've been heavily involved in the tech startup field in the Middle East for the past 4 years working on a spectrum of activities and initiatives related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
Currently I'm working on the development of Entrepreneurship-Program, spearheading the growth of the Mercy Corps Entrepreneurship Program and building out industry connections for the MC in Egypt and MENA community.
I've worked as an apprentice at Sawari Ventures where I learned a great deal of practical knowledge in venturing new business and together we sparked the tech startup scene in Egypt. I used to be a Senior Marketing Manager at N2V my role is to interact directly with entrepreneurs and jointly transcending the difficulties of connecting the dots and discovering/strengthening synergies in the ecosystem.

I help entrepreneurs grow themselves and their ideas into great businesses. I serve as a consigliere without displacing entrepreneurs, rolling up my sleeves to work through all the bits of building their businesses—strategy, recruiting, partnering, financing, leadership—the whole gamut. Their individual development is as important to me as the development of the business.