Johnathan Lawrence

Cape Town

By day, I am an Internet Professional applying myself as an internet application application / software developer. I specialize in developing mission-critical web applications. By using open source technologies and implementing scalable solutions I help reduce maintenance costs, increase business flexibility, streamline business functions and not only 'just' enable my active projects gain online exposure, I design their unique personal strategy to build, develop and re-enforce their brands online

By night, an artist experimenting with various art mediums and genres, discovering and being schooled while being seduced by my craft and element that this all whole.

Founder of the TRiPPYGAPE PRESS, CREATIVE & ABSTRACT APPLIED ARTS, masturbating the mind with Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Decorative Art, Photography, Digital Art, etc.

Imagination is foreplay which stimulates the mind to the extent that your love and lust for art is equivalent to nymphomaniac-like conditions and / or tendencies, at this point mental climax is limitless and continually improving.

Viewing life, objects, surroundings, etc is affected by this state and have an insatiable desire to continue to be consumed,over and over. The conformity and control that you were born into is eroding, lacking complete fear that you once endured before crossing over. Realizing how simple all of this is, you see life and perception as it truly should be, infinite. Conformity as you once knew it is now dead, turning back is as good as believing fairy tales, you're now free. You have swallowed the red pill, completely in charge of your own fate and destiny. This is the TRiPPYGRAPE PRESS, art will free your mind!

  • Work
    • Independant Consulting
  • Education
    • BSc (Computer Science)