Trista Polo

Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Recruiter in Poughkeepsie, New York

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I am an Intuitive Wealth Coach. I am an entrepreneur, an actor and a speaker. I love to train, teach and coach people to the best they can be. My business gives me the opportunity to change lives, paradigms and futures. I help people create a legacy based on what is important to them.

We as consumers have been trained to keep large corporations wealthy and financially secure. We buy things are marketed well and endorsed by celebrities. We earn our hard-earned dollars and send them right back out with no benefit except for the product or service that will eventually be used up. To top it off, many of us finance our consumerism, paying interest costs that keep wealth accumulation at arms-length.

I see a different world available and I'm on a crusade to educate Americans about what's possible.

Imagine having a financial future that is in YOUR control, not the control of banks and your job.

Imagine working in SYNERGY with others, creating teams...instead of competing for the smaller and smaller rungs up the corporate ladder.

Imagine using your money the way banks use it.

Imagine creating WEALTH instead of DEBT.

That's what I'm about. Who do you know that would be open to a paradigm shift for Consumerism?

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