Trista Polo

Small Business Owner, Public Speaker, and Recruiter in Poughkeepsie, New York

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I live by these few simple truths -

That we are all very special and unique people with a lot to give, but we have to give to ourselves first in order to have authentic contribution left for others.

That we each deserve kindness, respect and love - including (and especially) from ourselves.

That each scar, pound and wrinkle is a testament to what each of us has been through and we can be proud to show off the fantastic creatures we have become.

That the best relationships we have in our lives take commitment, work as well as unconditional love and acceptance.

I'm an outgoing person with an infectious laugh and a positive attitude. So it may not surprise you to know that people promoting an opportunity are drawn to me. I have been a Diva, Bra Model, Lead Singer for a 60's Band, Employee of the Month and more. And I have been approached by a LOT of people with promises of the next best thing.

I'm proud to be a Corporate Trainer and Unfranchise Owner for Market America This is because, when compared to everything else I have been exposed to, this is the most realistic tool out there that allows me to help people take their life back, declare their freedom and create a legacy.

Now, with our Shopping Annuity concept perfected, it takes 75% fewer people to create a 6 figure residual income. I'm looking for people that want to partner with someone up to something, focused on integrity, commitment and fun! If that's you, let's talk.

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