Troy Dixon

Father, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer in New York

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As Troy Dixon sees it, the dream of a house with a white picket fence is quintessentially American. Because of his background in structured products trading, specializing in the mortgage market, he has seen the ebb and flow of American Dream—particularly in a volatile, dynamic mortgage market.

With over 20 years of experience in trading structured products, Troy Dixon is a seasoned, accomplished investor who has managed multi-billion dollar portfolios and traded in a variety of agency pass-throughs securities such as TBAs, specified pools of mortgages, and other mortgage derivatives. He has created significant value and return on investment for his shareholders.

In particular, Troy Dixon is notable for his deep understanding of the complex, varied nature of the mortgage world—a market that has seen considerable change and turmoil since the 2008 global financial crisis. From his time in dealing with this ever-changing market, Troy is well-positioned to offer guidance on its many nuances. This includes attempting to minimizing risk in unstable portfolios, how the market has changed in light of new government regulations, and how to take advantage of today’s technology to maximize consistent, long-term returns through structured products.

Troy Dixon is currently the Founder, Managing Partner, and Chief Investment Officer of Hollis Park Partners LP (“Hollis Park”), a registered investment firm named after his hometown in Queens, NY and where he lived in Duane Park, Tribeca. Hollis Park specializes in managing strategies that include the entire spectrum of structured products including both agency and non-agency securities. These include and are not limited to structured rates, structure derivatives, and structured credit. Troy Dixon founded Hollis Park out of a desire to run his own business and to provide better expertise and value to clients in light of an ever-changing market and shifting government regulations.

Because of its depth and experience in structured products, Hollis Park is innovative, nimble, and flexible in providing the best return for its partners with a particular emphasis on producing long-term returns on a consistent basis. In Troy’s words, “Hollis Park is the safe pair of hands in an insecure world”. As testament to its long-term outlook and value proposition