Troy Stephens

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Futurist in Austin, Texas, United States

Troy Stephens

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Futurist in Austin, Texas, United States

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Our minds, applied in freedom to reality’s challenges, are engines of value creation. The preciousness of this clockwork cannot be overstated.

Founder of Coherence Labs, I’m an engineer driven to create and achieve, energized by the pursuit of beautifully simple clarity. My worldview is grounded in physics, devoted to relentless pursuit of truth tested against reality, and elevated by a love of aviation and aerospace — a domain of machines built to lift our earthly limitations. My long-term mission: to cultivate new frontiers where freedom’s bounty can thrive.

I’ve programmed hardware to the metal, contributed to a commercial operating system that runs on millions of devices, implemented 3D game rendering and art pipelines, and built advanced device drivers. I’ve been a conference speaker and mentor to other developers.

I’ve taken independent initiative, taught myself, and overcome schooling that got in the way of my education. I’ve done experimental and computational molecular physics research. I’ve studied mathematics through differential geometry and analysis, graduate level quantum mechanics and mathematical physics, solar-terrestrial physics, and computational neuroscience, graduating with high honors. I hold that our limitations are a function of time, and our perpetual goal should be to move them. I'm committed to continually growing my knowledge and competencies.

There are critical problems that need working on, in decentralization, data security, space colonization, and energy, among many worthy fields. I want to contribute to solving them — to advancing our capabilities and mastery of nature.

I see us at a critical junction, where it is time for pioneering souls to make ready to head to the next place. It is ours to be bold and intrepid, to venture where others fear to tread, to innovate and invent in ways that unleash our potential and liberate the human mind. I mean to reignite our courageous, indomitable frontier spirit, and seek to ally with others who share that unwavering aim.

My work can be found at, on The No Fear Pioneer podcast, and at

Email "troy" at the latter domain to contact me.

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