TRU Entertainment

Agent, Booker, Consultant,, Manager, Event Opertaions, and TRULY Independent Records in California

A Manager, Publisher, Agent and Promoter Ask yourself Do you really know what all these jobs entail, what they do or at what stage do they became relevant to your career?

Closest to the Artist is the Manager and they hire an Agent.

These are the people that start working with an Artist in the earliest phase of their career. Often these two jobs are done by one and the same person. Our goal is to be your Agent and start booking gigs for you to perform As Soon As Possible. All we ask is that your current Management actually manages and keeps us informed of every activity on your calendar for at least the next 6-18 months.

Those that are "self managed" or are at a point in their career where there is "nothing" to manage, we can help, by cultivating you from root to branch, building your image from the ground up in order for you to gain success. TRUE can make sure you are "management ready" assisting with all managerial needs. Our Job will be multifaceted and broad in scope. In essence, the primary TRUE duty is to create revenue stream opportunities for each of our Clients.

We consult and help our clients with the decision of staying independent or shopping their material for a deal with a Major.

TRUE will always be aggressively shopping for endorsement deals, TV spots and all sponsorship opportunities. We want to create and maintain a constant revenue stream for our clients to be a "true entrepreneur", which should be a goal of all Entertainers. Each of our clients will be an individual business in their own right, as an Artist performing you are generating revenue for you a "business" and said "business" needs to be represented.

As a group or individual performer you should be working toward self sustaining success and should be interested in hiring a company that is willing to work just as hard as you to make it to the next level earning a living via your "business".

The Entertainment industry bubble is in need of change and when this bubble burst [eventually] we will return the industry to a "variety" of music genres that will each hold its own in the world by the People not the Majors. We believe a team of hard working Artists and their representatives is all this industry needs for changes too affect those that want and and are hungry for natural success.

Stay true, too be true.

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