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Agent Booker Consultant, Promoter Producer Manager, and TRULY Independent Records Who Is That Comedy in California

[true] is an independent full-service Entertainment Company. Specializing In Event Operations from inception to completion.

We are available to work with all that want to survive in the entertainment industry, from those that have representation, those that are not ready for representation, those that are self-represented and everyone in between.

TRULY Independent Records was created to work with all that want to have complete control of their projects without being alone during the process of creating and shopping each project.

[true] abilities range from Agent to Promoter to Consulting to Management. You, maybe an Artist you know, want to make a living in the entertainment industry or just use raw talent for weekend gigs to collect pocket change. [true] is available to work "for" everyone involved. Any Entertainer that wants to get their start in the industry, return to the industry or grow as an Independent Artist [true] is available to assist.

[true], a professional event organizer, like what a wedding planner does, can provide ideas for a simple date, party, weekend getaway, hiring bands to perform or hiring a Comedian to entertain. [true] can assist in all your booking needs. Please have a ballpark budget and at least 120 days.

Book a "courtesy consultation", send us your 7 day, 18 months and 2-year plan.
[true] will review and respond to all inquiries and let you know what we can do with you.

[true] also offers a percentage to those looking for investment, partnership, sponsorship opportunities with many avenues to place funds with attractive returns.

and as always; "stay true, ‘too’ be, true."

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