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This is a Truth or dare Questions game that has many different names: truth or dare, truth or challenge or even, truth or consequence. Be that as it may, call them whatever, we've all played Truth or dare game (Truth OR Dare) once in a lifetime. Among its virtues is that it is a game of very easy execution, that can be carried out in any place and for which only a small group of people and some creativity is needed to get good questions.

Precisely, to help you ask the best questions for truth or dare we bring you this article.

How to play "truth or Dare"

The game of truth or dare is very simple, you only need a sufficient number of people to form a small wheel on the floor or around a table. On the other hand, you will need a bottle or any other object with two opposite points and that can turn on itself. Each of its points will correspond to the people who will ask the question and the person who will give the answer. The operation is as follows:

Form a circle among all

The choice of the tip of the object corresponds to the "question" and the other to the "answer"

You must rotate, in order, the object that will be located in the center of the circle.

The object, be it a bottle or whatever, when it stops rotating it will point to two people. One must ask and the other answer.

The questioner must choose the other between truth and dare / daring / challenge.

In the case you really must answer a question and in the case of daring you must meet a challenge imposed by the person asking.

Truth questions or daring challenge

The fun of the game of truth or daring is that it can be carried out in different environments, with different groups of people and different ages. Depending on the group you can ask simpler or more spicy questions, everything will depend on the environment in which you are.

That is why before thinking about the best questions for truth / dare you have to use common sense , take into account what group you are with and what kind of questions you can ask. It is very important to keep in mind the feelings of the other person,a simple joke or if you can be invading their privacy. For this, it is always better to set some limits and rules before starting the game.

There are many people who take this game literally, that is, they only ask questions that can be answered with "truth" or "lie". The reality is that you can do almost any type of question, which makes the game much more dynamic:

Truth with dare questions

questions for truth or dare game