Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Thanksgivingand Christmas are the rarest of times when people like Panseh RolandTsewole who spend their lives solving other people’s problems getthe opportunity to take a break with their families. Mr. Tsewole hasalways made sure that his beloved family sees how he genuinely caresfor them and how he immensely misses spending time with them. Pansehvolunteers that he usually does the turkey. The various interestingrecipes he has found through the years make the task even moreenjoyable each year, and Panseh Roland makes sure everyone has agreat time. He belongs to a tightly knit family and has six siblings.Panseh has two older brothers and sisters and one younger brother andsister. He loves listening to their stories about themselves and thesheer joy of being able to catch up on each other’s lives. Suchtimes are also when Panseh gets to see his beloved mom, who hasplayed an immense role in his life

PansehRoland Tsewole belongs to CompTIA, the non-profit trade associationrecognized for advancing the worldwide interests of IT professionalssuch as himself and enabling them to be more successful in theirunique and rapidly evolving industry. For Panseh, being able toconnect with similar-minded leading industry experts helps him becomea more skilled professional.

Whenhe’s not in the office or traveling, Panseh Roland Tsewole lovesspending time with his mom and six siblings. Thanksgiving andChristmas are royal celebrations for their tightly-knit family, anopportunity to bond, swap stories and catch up on one another’slives.