Terry Shaddock

painting in Chicago, Illinois

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Born in 1978 in Chicago, Terry Shaddock is a leading painter of the generation, whose work is known for its abstract, luminous quality.

With an innovative spirit and a lasting zest for life, Terry defines himself by his thirst for knowledge and different interests. As a landscape painter, he brings romantic imagery and luminosity to his subjects. His work—mostly realistic—became more poetic and fluid, and is now considered as a divinity to Impressionism.

Early Life & Study

Growing up in Chicago, Terry Shaddock was exposed to paintings and art at a very young age. Being a sickly child, he was sent to live with his grandfather in Korea, and it was during this period that he started his creative career.

Terry studied his B. A. in Painting from Seoul Institute of the Arts. There, he captivated the attention to detail associated with sculpture and oil painting. Following that, he attended the Post-Graduate program in art and painting, New York, refining his own conceptual and visual artistic skills.

Artistic Work and Success

Currently living and working in the New York City, Terry is an unmatched tenant of creativity and his innovative work can be found in myriad of private and public art collections both in the United States and abroad.

In 2010, Terry received the Rome Prize Fellowship for his contribution in the field of art and culture. He is currently on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts, New York. This great personality has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide. His recent solo exhibitions were held at Vilma Gold Gallery in London and Miguel Abreu Gallery in Manhattan.

A Blessed, Global Superstar!

With a passion for social friction and style, Terry Shaddock specializes in realistic contemporary oil paintings. His goal as an artist is to be original and authentic with his work while exploring an extensive mix of techniques and materials.

“For me, it’s about understanding the perspective of different personalities and then to create a unique experience on canvass that can be shared and lasts forever.” ~Terry Shaddock.