Ticiana Figueirêdo

Curator, Facilitator, and Consultant in Bahia, Brasil

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Ticiana Figueirêdo, or just Tici. I am an avant-garde Aquarian and passionate for Salvador. I'm helping co-build the new era of work.

I have a degree in COMMUNICATION & TECHNOLOGY from FACOM / UFBA, where I could understand the digital transformation that the world is experiencing.

Outraged by the slowness of the university to keep up with changes in the world, I went to live in Ilhabela / SP, participating in an experience in HACKSCHOOLING in the American program UnCollege. There, I could understand myself as a bridge, with the mission of democratizing the access of a future, which is already reality for some people, to a crowd that cannot understand or keep up with the speed of things.

When I returned to Salvador, I went to study the science of being and tools of SELF-KNOWLEDGE through the Estudar Foundation to understand how we connect with our subjectivity to enhance our personal fulfillment and social contribution.

After studying the past and present, during university, I went to study the future and its trends, in the course of FUTURISM from Perestroika, one of the most recognized schools of innovation in Latin America.

And in order to contribute to the process of learning and transformation of people and organizations for the new era of work, I formed the Germinar FACILITATION program, one of the most renowned facilitator development programs in Latin America.

As a CURATOR, in 2015 I launched point.carreiras, a support platform for professional decision-making, mapping opportunities for career discovery and development; In 2018 I launched aponte.tools, a platform to support business development and management, through the mapping of digital tools; In addition to sharing weekly on social networks the main programs, notices, scholarships, workshops and other opportunities for the new age of work.

As a CONSULTANT, I have actively assisted in the creation of 8 businesses, and indirectly in the development of hundreds of businesses.

As FACILITATOR, I have held over 40 lectures, workshops, courses and facilitations for over a thousand people.

I am an alumni of the TUNZA / UNEP networks, which connected me with a global agenda; AIESEC, where I developed leadership skills; CHOICE / Artemisia, where I went deeper into the world of impact business; and Global Shapers / World Economic Forum, which connected me with global trends.

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    • Federal University of Bahia
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