Kathy Clouse

Reno, Nevada, United States

I am a almost 63yr old, married to Dave, with 3 grown children, 1 (my oldest daughter) who just passed away this year, 2014, have 5 grand-children, 3 boys and 2 girls and 1 of my grand-sons passed going on 4 years now. My daughter, Adina and her husband, Dave, live in California and my son, Jeremy, lives with us in Reno. We have 5 cats and a dog.

I am dealing with a terminal illness and have to stay at home. Trying to earn some money on line and it is hard. I finally put together a way to earn, actually get money from them, and have put together a team build for anyone who wants to join with me.

My life's priorities are God, Family and Friends, being kind and honest, sharing myself and my love with others. I am from the 60's still, and hold on to most of the belief system from that time, a love of animals, nature, our earth, each other.

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