Tersia Theron

Therapeutic Counsellor, Photographer, and Mosaic Artist in Somerset West, South Africa

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Ice T said: Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place.

A creative and interesting life can be accomplished by opening up and considering
• “What else”
• “What if”

How can I change my life for the better if I cannot change my mind? Problems cannot be solved with the same thoughts and actions that caused it.

At the moment I am the instigator of:

Know Yourself Counselling - includes Reiki, Touch for Health, Human/DNA Pin Code Profiling, Dream analysis, Metaphysical counseling. "Be yourself, everybody else is taken." By looking at life with gratitude and knowing that every dark cloud has a silver edge; expecting that circumstances are not random but infinitely guided towards our growth. We might not have control over most things but we have choices.

Real Estate Principle (Secret Agent)

Serial explorer of ideas.

The Workshop Space - has unfortunately closed its doors. But the creativity goes on. More time. More experience.

This is what makes life worth living:

Creativity makes life worth living. When something fires ones soul, impossibilities vanish.

Nature. Noticing and appreciation of wonder of nature in all its forms. I have found a path worth walking.

The combination of nature and spirituality has shown me that the few laws of nature is so much more than any manmade restriction or taboo. There is hope and love and connection.

Living within this sphere of wonder and connection – life is beautiful.




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  • Work
    • Know Yourself Therapy and Counselling
  • Education
    • BA Criminology and Psychology
    • Masters degree in Metaphysical counseling
    • PH.D