tulga demir

Project Manager in Los Angeles, CA

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Steadfast in the belief that happiness is the path and is not something that needs a path, Tulga Demir has pretty simple principles in running his business, Demir Energy, LLC. Adhering to straight business principles in order to assure his valuable investors that he really means to succeed, Tulga Demir has outfitted Demir Energy, LLC to lead the way in terms of being in a strong anchor position between both sides of the spectrum: oil and gas as well as renewable energy. Excited by the prospect of contributing to causes much bigger than he is, Mr. Demir is also fascinated with the concept of being able to create what he can see. Ready to find solutions even when most other people would simply withdraw, Tulga is deeply passionate about energy and contributing to the energy future of the USA. Although the current scale is predominantly oil and gas, Tulga Demir believes there is much potential in renewable energy. He built Demir Energy, LLC boosted by this unique vision of somehow seeing the world in general being unshackled from oil and gas fuel sources.

Setting high standards for himself, Tulga Demir feels responsible for others and will not find it beyond himself to lead by positive example. He may wear the suit and tie in the office but on the field, Mr. Demir doesn’t hesitate to put on the boots and gloves to be able to work with the crews. He has high respect for manual labor and is always ready to listen and interact with his team on the field to know if they are happy with what they are doing and are prepared to face greater success in the industry with him. He may be at the helm of things and calls the shots at Demir Energy, LLC, but Tulga Demir will not be ashamed to get his work boots dirty if only to ensure success for his entire team.