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Turf Scoop™ is a Pet Waste Removal Service

We will scoop it, bag it, and remove your pet's waste, from off of your property. We sanitize our tools after every job to ensure that there is no cross-contamination of germs or bacteria, from one yard to another. This eliminates the possibility of having your pet get sick from another pet's medical issues.

We work, rain or shine! In the event of a lightning storm, we will seek shelter until the storm had passed, and will resume work until the job is done. We don't need or want to have access to your house, just access to the yard that needs to be cleaned.

We are not afraid of dogs, in fact, we love all dogs. However, there are some dogs that are very protective of their owners and their belongings, so we will review these situations during our first interview with you.

The Bottom Line (How much $$$)

$11 per Weekly Cleaning
$20 per Twice-a-week Cleanings

($4 for every additional Dog)

$35 First time cleaning & Acct Set-up

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