Tatjana Vejnovic

Editor and Writer in Los Angeles, California

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tC rs7 owner.
♥: Happily taken.
Internet superhero.
Snarky as they come.
Commander Shepard irl.
Professional photographer.
Events Editor for The Koalition.
Digital Marketing Manager for UploadVR.

Becoming a gamer only two years after escaping the womb, Tatjana isn’t your average girl gamer. Like most children of the 90s she loved her Mario, but also owned her cousins in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo, and repeatedly played Final Fantasy IX, X, and XI in her tween and late teenage years.

Nowadays, you'll find her at home blogging and managing the social channels for UploadVR. She's been in traditional gaming and tech media, esports, and now the wonderful world of virtual reality. While her journey with the Overwatch League is not done yet, her adventure with VR has just begun. In case you were wondering, her favorite VR games are Firewall: Zero Hour, and Tetris Effect.

When she’s home, she’s curled up in her yoga pants watching The Grand Tour (she identifies with Richard Hammond - aside from being four inches taller and not being a picky eater, they're essentially the same person). If she's not doing that, she's playing Overwatch and constantly refreshing Dunkey's YouTube page, hoping for a new video. Outside her home, she likes to go eat delicious food, and go shopping (although she prefers to shop online, she enjoys walking around outdoor malls from time to time).

She encourages you to follow her on Twitter (@digital_vix3n), and she cannot stress enough her thoughts and opinions are hers, and hers alone.

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