- Tvind

The Olympic Games in TVIND is a lot of people and a lot of high spirited activities. It is a festival of sport with baseball, tug of war, jigsaw puzzle against the clock, football golf, climbing, football, volleyball, circus, swimming and… all the other sports. In the OL, there is something for all: for all sizes, for each sports fanatic, and for everyone who does not want to run too fast or who thinks it is better to have something to eat and drink. There is plenty of everything, and it goes on for two whole days all the time; the Olympic Games in TVIND.
Yes there is a high speed. Speed on the marathon runners, who run round and round with the relay to raise a lot of points for their school every time they pass the finish line. There is high speed, when the football matches are played and you are sweating buckets. There is high speed, when you make a jigsaw puzzle against the clock. There is high speed when it is all about getting to the top of the climbing wall. There is high speed when it is about winning medals for yourself and your school unit, and then there is a discussion about what is best: the Fighter trophy or the first place. The Fighter trophy goes to the school with best unity.
Every year we start our school year in this way - up and running with the Olympic Games. There is high speed through the school year as well as in the OG. A school year where the fixed structure is supporting the highlights that pop up all the way through the year. It has to be high speed, when you are a teenager where the school and maybe your entire life have been too difficult as a child and a teenager. But now there needs to be high speed to reach all the things that need to be reached. The body should come up in gear, the brain should be trained to make room for all the new. The rhythm needs to be re-created. The good life should glow in all our students. This is the goal for the TVIND schools and care homes. There has to be to high speed – also at the OG, and in daily day at the school. The Olympic Games are in a glorious way pushing the comradeship to another level and through the Olympic Games the comradeship gains new possibilities when we cheer each and every one and when we help each other to pass the finish line, and do not get angry when we lose but just say: next year, if not this year, then we will beat the others in both the disciplines and in our spirit of unity. This year we were also the best – because we won over a lot of o