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Trevor Rieger was a well known talk show website that lasted for over 13 years. It gained a lot of media press on the internet as well as off. This site was mentioned in newspapers like the New York Post and magazines like Broadcasting And Cable and Electronic Media now called TV Week. This website broke the news that Kelly Ripa was going to replace Kathie Lee Gifford on LIVE! With Kathie Lee and Regis back in 2001. had millions of postings and hundreds of thousands of threads on all of the talk shows and court tv shows and shopping channels like QVC and Home Shopping Network. Producers from most of these shows were in contact with Trevor Rieger on a weekly basis as well as many of the hosts themselves.

With the rise of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, this website has been less important and traffic has been declining since.

This website will always be remembered as the first "stepping stone" of anonymous people gossiping and backbiting about talk show hosts and guests all the way down to what makeup they wore on a certain day to what clothes they wore.

It was a fun ride!