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TWA media™ was a medium-sized company for video productions and industrial promotions. At the same time it had a department for the development of software for the processing of cinematographic material.

In 2018, all commercial activities were terminated. However, the non-profit department has been continued in cooperation with its Australian subsidiary CBS Education Media™ (also non-commercial).

TWA media non-profit™ is managed by Timothy W. Albert, a Californian of German descent, who established an entirely separate non-profit division already in 2004, which was intended to provide schools and educational institutions access to high-quality cinematic software.

As of early 2019, this devision produced the free educational magazine DER KONSERVATIVE™ which is available on Vimeo, YouTube and BitChute. Since Summer 2019 significant parts of its operations were moved to its non-commercial subsidiary CBS Educational Media™ in Sydney, Australia.

DER KONSERVATIVE™ is a liberal-conservative social media channel in German. It understands itself as a free and reliable alternative to the "alternative media" in all German-speaking countries, which are in bad shape. The reason for establishing the channel arose from concerns about rationality and liberalism in Germany.

The non-commercial channel is produced on a voluntary basis by Americans of German origin, supported by interns with German language skills.

Currently the channel features four andhormen:

* Jason Frank Muller (neo-conservatism)

* Stephan Egerlein (compassionate conservatism)

* Gloria Sass (right-wing nationalism)

* Sigrun Mendez (classic liberalism)

All content of DER KONSERVATIVE is being created in California at TWA media and in Australia at CBS Educational Media, a non-profit studio for the production of educational media which is run by Tim Albert's granddaughter and her female partner in life.






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