Chase Has

Chase Has

Chase Clocks has a lengthy history in the design, design and also production of analog and electronic clocks for the residence and also workplace. Forty years of encounter has positioned Chase Clocks as a premier producer and wholesaler of Automobile Establish Analog Clocks, Twin Bell Alarm system Clocks, Mantle Clocks and also Atomic Radio Controlled Digital LCD Clocks.

Chase Clocks is independently had and also located in Culver City, The golden state. The foundations of Chase Clocks began in the very early seventies with the design and building of home decor clocks.

From these modest starts the company effectively developed not just a clock business but an advertisement clock system company as well as a clock parts and element company.

Over the forty years the clock market has evolved into a dynamite business and we have been a huge part of that growth. We have lead with product innovation and consistent client service.

Today Chase Clocks management is entailed in the installation of advertisement cordless and also wired integrated clock systems. These systems are set up at universities, K-12 Schools as well as hospitals throughout the globe.

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