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Things to remember when buying a reclaimed wood twin platform bed

It is essential to value the specific origins, nature, and features of natural woods when purchasing a reclaimed wood platform bed. From the natural elegance of European white oak to the clusters of driftwood picked from the coast of Indonesia to the beautiful Brazilian Peroba wood, each piece is special and rich in history from around the globe. A reclaimed wood platform bed is a design to be admired. Here are a few things you should remember before purchasing your reclaimed wood platform bed.

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Choose the Right Style

Reclaimed wood platform bed brings a distinctive, vibrant atmosphere to your bedroom, however, it's essential to select the right design to match your interior. There are several various designs purchasable, from classic to contemporary. You should also know that a reclaimed wood platform bed with a white painted finish gives a shabby chic feel to a country cottage type decor. Take your time and find the perfect theme you're searching for.

Measure your space

A reclaimed wood platform bed is mostly hand-crafted and exclusive, and it doesn't necessarily come in regular sizes. This could sound obvious, but after you've found a great reclaimed wood platform bed, it's necessary to check the room and ensure sure it best fits. While calculating, often test twice and leave a couple of inches of room on each side to be secure. It's always a smart thing to test if the product passes through the doorways.

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Beauty is in the differences

No two pieces of a reclaimed wood platform bed are the same, which makes this type of bed so unique. Before buying, it's important to understand the variations and characteristics that make every item special. Stuff like wood grains, loops, little gaps, paint stains, pitting, tiny nail holes, and mineral particles are characteristics that often distinguish the parts. Any variation that brings value to the bed can be considered a bonus.

Character is developed over time

Old wood most probably grew in a natural setting where it had to struggle for nutrients and light, making it very sturdy and robust. A reclaimed wood platform bed has age and appearance that cannot be imitated.

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