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All about Twitter Followers

Twitter is a social network, where users communicate with each other by messages and posts. In the beginning its name was 'Twttr'. Twitter is used by 33% of Internet users.

People who are registered on Twitter can post tweets. People who are unregistered on Twitter can’t post tweets, they can only read them.

If you want to use Twitter in an efficient way, you need to get followers,otherwise you'll fail.

An average Twitter user has 120 followers.

Twitter is also used by many celebrities. Katy Perry has the most followers on Twitter. She has approximately 97 million followers on Twitter.

It's not mandatory to be a popular person as to get a great number of followers on Twitter.

You can get your popularity due to Twitter. Your popularity can be provided only by your followers.

If you want to get more followers on Twitter, first of all make sure that your bio is complete. Make it obvious for Twitter users who you are, what is your main job, what hobbies do you have and etc.

It's an interesting fact that approximately 70% of followers on Twitter are recommended by friends.

Twitter can be a good tool to grow your businesses.The more followers you have on Twitter, the more people will become interested in your business. Twitter may help you to success your business and make more people aware of your business.

So use Twitter in a way, as to become interesting, informative and helpful for other users and they’ll become your followers on Twitter.

You need to use more hashtagstoget more followers.They will make your tweets more visible. Create right hashtags and ask your friends to use them.

Don't follow users who don't follow you. Keep in mind that on Twitter you can follow only 2000 users. If you are following 2000 users, you can't follow no one else on Twitter.

There are users who for the beginning buy Twitter followers.

You need to do posts in various topics to make your followers always interested in you. Share interesting facts about your life, tell good stories, jokes, news and etc.

Pay attention to what your audience love to read and share about it with them more often. The majority of Twitter users talk about brands on Twitter.

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Post your tweets at least twice a day. You'll be tiring for yo