Tyler Buntrock

Professional Recruiter at Insight Global in United States

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Tyler Buntrock is passionate about mentoring professionals into powerhouse team players. Buntrock currently stands as a Professional Recruiter at Insight Global.

Hailing from a background in Finance, Tyler Buntrock is a proud graduate of Eller College of Management, where he received his Bachelor’s in 2014. Now, as a member of the Insight Global team, Buntrock is going the extra mile to help professionals enter the workforce. Specifically, as a Professional Recruiter at Insight Global, Buntrock assists professionals in tech, government, accounting, finance and engineering with their career moves. For over a decade, Insight Global has been recognized as the fastest growing staffing firm in the United States and Canada. Tyler Buntrock is proud to be a member of the team!

Outside of his professional work, Tyler Buntrock is passionate about sports. Specifically, he focuses on weight lifting in his own fitness routine. In the future, Buntrock would love the opportunity to mentor weight lifting newbies at his local gym. For years, sports and fitness training have offered Buntrock an escape from his busy work life. In his view, adopting a fitness regimen is a fantastic way to be at your peak -- at home and in the office!