Tzanetos Kavaliotis

Journalist, Writer, and Vocalist in Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

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Life is all about passion. My passion is art. I love writting. I am constantly writing novels, poems and lyrics. Recently I published my first book, Dark Chapters.

I am currently working as journalist for a news media company, as a chief editor and journalist for - Independent Music Webzine" and as a journalist for "FeelA RockA".

My second pasion is music. I am the vocalist of the Hellenic Black Metal Band "Acheron's Chaos". We have recorded our first cd and we have jammed in many Athenian live clubs.

My last passion is photography. Two of my photos were hosted at the Izmail art gallery, after being selected during an event named, "Friendship through art can change the world".

I am an undergraduate student, in the department of "Public Administration" at Panteion University.

Check out my interview (in English) with the frontman of Sabaton, Joakim Brodén, here:

Some time ago I started a new project with gaming videos. If you want take a look:

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    • Panteion University of Athens, Department of Public Administration