Udoka O.

Dallas, TX

I'm a renaissance woman with two degrees in Math and Philosophy. I've always been a dreamer, looking up to Leonardo Da Vinci for inspiration. Vision + Passion = Drive & Dreams Achieved.

Nutrition & Yoga

I'm currently a first year graduate student in the UTSW nutrition program & I'm a first year student with IIN's health coaching school. And I'll have my yoga teacher certificate in a few months. I wanted the most holistic, full understanding of nutrition and how it affects us in all aspects of living. Stay tuned for my wellness business, Superhero Wellness.

Dance, Athleticism & Art

I've loved dancing for years, but it wasn't until college I had the courage to pursue it. I've been hiphop dancing for 5 years and contemporary dancing for 2 years. I've been a pole fitness athlete for almost 1 year. I'm in love with performance art & film. Currently working on several projects.

Girl After College Project

GAC is my quest to understand young adulthood to the fullest degree. Is it possible to live a passionate, dream-fulfilled life after college? The project includes exclusive interviews and challenges. Stay tuned for the website launch!


Look, girl still gotta pay the bills! And a chick as smart as me can do it through tutoring! I tutor: SAT prep, Biology, Chemistry, & Mathematics.

  • Education
    • SMU
    • UTSW