Markus Übeleis

Big Data Pioneer in Wien, Österreich

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Markus is the CTO of the Fashion One Group, a leading fashion innovation think tank, and the Technical Director of the British AI and Big Data company EDAQS.

As the Head of Technology, he is in charge for the world’s largest fashion database, the FMD, as well as for the successful development of the emerging and multiple award-winning IFDAQ venture, a supervised and machine-learning quantification system for the fashion industry.

With over a decade of experience in applying the most modern web technologies, Markus has developed a profound interest and expertise in building Big Data and Artificial Intelligence structures that are aimed at driving data and insight led transformation with high scientific standards.

In collaboration with his scientific data team, he is involved in several academic and innovative researches with some of the world’s most renowned data scientists.

Further to this work, Markus also runs his own Big Data and IT company, COPE-IT, which offers sophisticated concepts for most of his professional fields.