Universitas Negeri Jakarta Global Studies Forum (UGSF)

UGSF (Universitas Negeri Jakarta Global Studies Forum) is a Student organization, which consists of students from various faculty in Universitas Negeri Jakarta, particularly in Faculty of Economic, Faculty Art and Language, Faculty Social Science,etc. UGSF was established in 29 June, 2010.

The mission of UGSF itself is to promote Universitas Negeri Jakarta particularly between Indonesia and other countries and developing International studies among students in Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The objective is to enhance interest and knowledge of UNJ students in international and Global studies. In conjunction with International system, interdependency is getting unavoidable.

Today, Indonesian people is in high demand of International Studies expert and scientist to bring a more comprehensive and wholly perception and vision about the world and to anticipate what will happen nationally, regionally, and globally. Our Program activities:

1. Exchange Student.

2. Monthly Roundtable Discussion.

3. Embassy and NGO Visit.

4.Diplomacy Course.

5. Research.

6. Representing UNJ in Conference and Global Youth and Student forum.

Twitter @UNJGSF and facebook : @UGSF

*our Regular Meeting every : Wednesday @4PM