Afwan Harahap

Web Developer, Writer, and Social Media Manager in Medan

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I am a web developer, writer, and social media manager currently living in Medan. My interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. I am also interested in writing and Business.

UKMSumut is a Business Directory Portal that provides information on the latest business and business opportunities for you. In assisting small and medium businesses in online and marketing their business via the internet. This is considered necessary in order to compete in the information technology era as it is today.

UKMSUMUT is determined to always help Bisnis throughout in Indonesia. Even though we have a domain name that contains elements of North Sumatra (North Sumatra in it), but we are still committed to developing up-to-date information about business and business opportunities.

It is hoped that by becoming a loyal visitor to the North Sumatra SME site, SME actors in various cities in Indonesia can advance their business, contribute to regional economic development which is highly expected for the advancement of the entrepreneurial world in Indonesia.

UKM SUMUT was built personally by a blogger from Padangsidimpuan named Reza Harahap on many years ago, Initially this site was built with the aim of being a promotional platform for SMEs in North Sumatra. But over time, the admin feels that this site must be developed in a wider direction, so that it can become the number one business blog in Indonesia. Amen!

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