UK Spa Breaks

How to Pack for a Spa Break

There's nothing like staying at spa hotels to help you relax and recharge. However, you will find your spa break much more relaxing if you do not pack at the last minute. Although the top of the line spa hotels will provide you with just about anything you could need from nail lacquer to workout clothes, you will be more comfortable using your own familiar and comfortable wardrobe and materials. Here is a packing list for all levels of spas you will encounter in the UK.


Never assume that you will get a decent Internet connection at a spa hotel. Remember, you are there to unplug in literal as well as metaphorical ways. Call ahead or check out your spa hotel's rules on electronics like laptops or smart-phones. Music players and regular mobile phones are often allowed but keep in mind that even with spa deals UK a phone is usually provided in your room. In emergencies, the staff will put calls in for you.


It's best to take any prescription medication you need with you in it's bottle with the chemist's label on it. In this way, anyone can quickly see that your pills are prescribed and who the prescribing doctor is. You may also need to produce a prescription or a bottle with a chemist's label at any airports you need to use. Bring any vitamins or over the counter medication in a travel pill tray or all in one bottle that can fit in a pocket or handbag.


The amount of clothes to pack depends on what you plan on doing at the spa and how long you plan to stay. Many spa break deals make it more economical to stay for more than one day and night. It's best to pack more clothes than you think you need in case one outfit is ruined in an unforeseeable accident worth of a Carry On film. (They do happen in real life!) If you want to swim, pack two swimming outfits. If you plan on working out, bring at least two sweatsuits. Remember to pack sandals for poolsides, a jacket for all weathers and comfortable sleepwear.

Emergency Contact Information

Keep a few phone numbers of who to the spa staff needs to contact in case you have an emergency at the spa. For example, if you have a chronic medical