Ulrich H. Kiefer 宋 可富

Business Economist, Controller Developing, and Industrial Business Management Accountant in Offenburg, Germany

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I am a senior project manager, a personal trainer, and a father; residing in Offenburg | in the Ortenau, a well-known province of Baden-Wurttemberg. It's a part of a famous, and metropolitan Black Forest (region).

Located next to the Alsace, but in Southwest Germany, it is nearby Eastern France. It enables us meeting at one of 3-7 airports in Central Europe, You may find below.

Why not just meet us in a few hours? Is it fine, to get-together with You, within <1 to 3-4 hours, so just-in-time?!

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My interests range from:

- Arts Asia Pacific | Controlling FiCo | Networks in China;

- NGOs and Property-Business-Activities, Startups, and/or vision Video-Photography: fitness and wellness.

With a preference for education, good readings for writing, so, the A-Z linguae-lover, made by e-learning, and the news shout:

"...ENG, FR, IT, Mandarin, Spanish and Swiss German"; ... in the clouds: "... all-in-one, IT is Fun."

😊 | Communicate Multilingual In 2 - 3 World Languages?

Based on life-long training, and during leisure time, the special focus lies on a personal active fitness.

Thus, so enjoying good music and/or practice sports, being moved by hatha-yoga, walk or swim, read the new(s): Let's dance the Zumba to get slim.

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  • Education
    • CU Chinese University HongKong | New Asia Coll. NT
    • Technical Academy Wuppertal eV | Altdorf/Nuremberg
    • Verwaltungs-/Wirtschafts-Akademie eV | DE Freiburg
    • ICC|IHK Metropolitan Upper Rhine Region | Freiburg
    • The Albert-Ludwigs-University | DE Freiburg i. Br.