UMC Direct

Direct Sales, Retail Marketing, and Leadership Development in Cary, North Carolina

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UMC Direct is a privately owned and operated firm located in Cary, North Carolina. We've written this short autobiography about our team to offer insight as to what we do and who we are!

UMC Direct works with top telecom, wireless, renewable energy, and solar industries nationwide. With such a wide portfolio, we often get asked why clients choose to work with us. We find the answer is quite simple: our team. Our team is wildly motivated, determined, solution-oriented, and creative. When we mix those ingredients in with proven training structures, we are only bound to produce results.

Our team at UMC Direct delivers our clients a higher rate of return and guarantees results quarter after quarter! We know other sales team may be able to bring in high volumes of customers, but we bring in loyal customers! As a company, we aim to bring our clients long-term customers that will add them long-term value.

What UMC Direct offers:

1. Customer Acquisition: Are you looking to increase your market reach? Do you need help finding new customers? Our team has mastered the art of communication and sales. Let us help!

2. Brand expansion: Do you need help rolling out your brand to clientele? We can aid in that!

3. Leadership Development: Are you looking to take your team to the next level? Are you looking for a new and rewarding company to work with? Either way, we can help!

UMC Direct pays close attention to our team environment. By revolving our company around our team, we draw in motivated and ambitious individuals looking to add value both to their workplace and personal lives. We hone in on spoken and unspoken communication, personal levels of leadership, time-management, and circles of influence. Our team members are more than just an average sales-team; they are a smart, sensible, and insightful.

UMC Direct has large goals ahead of us for this year! Are you curious as to what it would be like to partner with our team as one of our clients? Imagine 30+ professional and dynamic individuals in the Cary, NC market ready to adopt your brand as if it were their own. Imagine a team of people who work relentlessly to help you expand your market and your reach.

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